«AgroFlowSystem» is engaged in production and implementation of innovative products such as measurement equipment for precision farming based on the latest scientific achievements. We provide solutions for the problems caused by scarcity of water, lack of soil nutrients and effects unsustainable farming practices. High-tech sensors and loggers produced by «AgroFlowSystem» collect data and help to monitor the growth of plants, conditions of soil, crops and environmental conditions. Our software analyzes and remotely controls the yielding process, with online access available.



«Agro Flow System» main goal is to provide you with up-to-date equipment which maximizes your productivity and profitability. We want to become a global provider of soil research solutions, and we will continue to respond to rapid changes in customer requirements in the future, we are always happy for close cooperation and knowledge sharing.


We are an organization that appreciates:

We cooperate together with each other and with our customers, providing, ultimately, a quality product that is in line with overall expectations

We enjoy and are proud of our work, acting fairly and politically impartially to achieve high standards of quality, efficiency, and sustainability in agricultural technologies

We are open, honest and objective with each other and our clients

We believe in fast, reliable and high-quality service. Good relationships with customers and the high level and timely service are a key focus of the «Agro Flow System» technical support service