Soil moisture sensor DSM 40 (60/100)

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DSM-40 (60/100) ring-type sensor with a 10 cm step

The DSM 40 (60/100) ring-type sensor measures volumetric water content - the ratio of water volume to soil volume in percent- and has an output digital signal. Can be connected to DS Logger 345, DS Logger 500 and to DLC.

Soil moisture sensor DSM is available in three sizes to measure to a depth of 40/60/100 cm with a 10 cm step. The sensor can work autonomously for 1 year. With the ability to create a network of multiple sensors and a DLC.


Sensor Data Transmission
Data radio transmitting to a DLC at a distance of up to 3 km. Using the DLC, the sensor data is transmitted to the server.



    Units of measure

    %( VWC)

    Depth of measurement

    100/60/40 cm

    Measurement step

    10 cm

    Measurement range

    from 0% to saturation


    0.1% VWC


    ±5%  VWC

    Measurement time

    up to 3 sec per 1 section

    Measuring frequency

    hourly/ 24 meas. per day

    Operating temperature range

    from -10˚С to +50˚С

    Autonomous operation

    1 year

    Measured volume of soil

    400 сm ³