Soil moisture sensor DSM-12

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The DSM-12 sensor measures volumetric water content - the ratio of water volume to soil volume in percent- and has an output digital/analog signal. Can be connected to DS Logger 345, DS Logger 500 and to DLC.

With the DSM-12 sensor, it is easy to carry out soil moisture measurements - when used in irrigated agriculture, water saving for irrigation can reach from 30% to 50%. The sensor can be used in the ground for a long time, and continuous instrument reading allows you to compare data between seasons.  It is reliable and free of maintenance after installation into the soil (IP68 environment-proofed). The high precision sensor can be used in  irrigation, hydrology, monitoring of soil conditions, and application in forestry.

Sensor Data Transmission
The sensor has a cable connection to the recorder.

    Device type (name)


    Units of measure  


    Measurement range

    from 0% to saturation


    0.1% VWC


    ±3%  VWC

    Measurement time



    Analog / digital

    Output signal

    analog - 0.5-2.5 V
    digital  – AFS wire

    Operating temperature range


    Supply voltage

    5-15 VDC

    Cable length


    Device dimensions  (WxHxD)

    200x38x10 mm

    Warranty    1 year