Penetrometer AGF-ST

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Penetrometer AGF-ST with 2-line character display and penetrating probe

Penetrometer AGF-ST is a cross-functional device for measuring of soil compaction, which helps identify and resolve the soil compaction problem. The device can penetrate to a depth of 45 cm.

Measurements before the primary tillage will help to determine in which areas there is soil compaction and at what depth, and, as a result, to correct the depth of the passage of farm machinery, which will make the soil treatment more efficient. Penetrometer AGF-ST is used for estimating the depth of the treated layer after plowing.

For convenience, the data can be displayed in several units of measurement: psi, kPa. Included two types of tips - 1/2 "and 3/4" for different types of soil are available.  The convenient settings menu allow you to select the tip type, the appropriate measurement units for soil penetration.

Device components:

  1. Penetrometer AGF-ST
  2. Working rod (2 parts)
  3. 2 conical tips ½” and ¾”
  4. The depth reference plate
  5. Charger
  6. USB cable


    Device type (name)

    Penetrometer AGF-ST

    Device dimensions  (WxHxD)

    365х175х58 mm

    Case dimensions (WxHxD)

    420х475х193 mm

    Weight (assembled)

    1,7 kg

    Weight (in case)

    2,2 kg

    Operating Temperature 

    from  +5˚С to + 45˚С

    Maximum loading weight     

    150 kg


    2-line character display

    Units of measure for compaction

    kPа, psi

    Maximum penetration depth

    to 45 cm

    Measurement step

    2,5 сm

   Measuring range

    from 0 to 6000 kPа; from 0 to 870 psi





    Internal memory


    Battery Life

    7.2 V; 2600 mAh - up to 50 hours of continuous operation


    in a set

    Device base body

    aluminium alloy

    Rod, tips  

    stainless steel

    Tip types   

    ½ " for solid soil and ¾" for crumbly or sandy

     IP rating