DS Logger 345

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  • Display: 3.4" monochrome sensor resistive screen

DS Logger 345 with 3.4" monochrome sensor resistive screen and penetrating probe with the possibility of external sensors AFS connecting

DS Logger 345 is a cross-functional device for measuring of soil compaction, which helps identify and resolve not only the soil compaction problem but also crop yields. The device can penetrate to a depth of 45 cm.

Measurements before the primary tillage will help to determine in which areas there is soil compaction and at what depth, and, as a result, to correct the depth of the passage of farm machinery, which will make the soil treatment more efficient.  DS Logger 345 is used for estimating the depth of the treated layer after plowing.

The accuracy and speed of data fixing at different depths, allows you to make the maximum of measurements with the least amount of time. For convenience, the data can be displayed in several units of measurement: psi, kPa or kg/cm².  Included are available two types of tips - 1/2 "and 3/4" for different types of soil.

Clear and intuitive device menu will facilitate the working process. The convenient settings menu allows you to select the tip type, the appropriate measurement units, menu language. The data is stored in a flash memory with the possibility to transfer measurements to a PC via a USB cable. The device menu is available in four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, and German.

Device components:

  1. DS Logger 345
  2. Working rod (2 parts)
  3. 2 conical tips ½” and ¾”
  4. The depth reference plate
  5. Charger
  6. USB cable

    Device type (name)

    DS Logger 345

    Device dimensions  (WxHxD)

    405х170х105 mm

    Case dimensions (WxHxD)

    475х193х420 mm

    Weight (assembled)

    3 kg

    Weight (in case)

    5,5 kg

    Operating Temperature

    from +5˚ С tо + 45˚ С

    Maximum permissible loading weight

    150 kg


    3.4 "sensor resistive monochrome display

    Measuring range

    from 0 to 6000 кПа; from 0 to 870 psi

    Maximum penetration depth

    to 45 cm

    Measurement step

    2,5 cm

    Units of measure for compaction

    index psi, kPa or kgf / cm²




    accuracy - 5 m  in an open spa

    Internal memory

    Up to 5000 measurements

    Battery Life  

    3.6 V; 7200 mAh - up to 35 hours of continuous operation

    Battery charger

    5 В; 2A

    Device base body

    ABS plastic

    Rod, tips


    Tip types

    ½ " for solid soil and ¾" for crumbly or sandy

    IP rating