Soil moisture sensor DSM 40 (60/100) New

Soil moisture sensor DSM 40 (60/100)

Price on request

DSM-40 (60/100) ring-type sensor with a 10 cm step
Soil moisture sensor DSM-12 New

Soil moisture sensor DSM-12

Price on request

The DSM-12 sensor measures volumetric water content - the ratio of water volume to soil volume in percent- and has an output digital/analog signal. Can be connected to DS Logger 345, DS Logger 500 and to DLC.

With the DSM-12 sensor, it is easy to carry out soil moisture measurements - whe...
Penetrometer AGF-ST New

Penetrometer AGF-ST

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Penetrometer AGF-ST with 2-line character display and penetrating probe
DS Logger 345 New

DS Logger 345

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DS Logger 345 with 3.4" monochrome sensor resistive screen and penetrating probe with the possibility of external sensors AFS connecting
DS Logger 500 New

DS Logger 500

Price on request

DS Logger 500 with penetrating probe and sensor of continuous measurement of the soil moisture and electrical conductivity