Concentrator DLC 1.4
Concentrator and sensors

Concentrator DLC 1.4


Concentrator DLC 1.4 is field data logger for wireless data exchange with Sensor DSM 40/60/100 and others wireless sensors of AFS AGRO FLOW SYSTEM GmbH

Concentrator DLC 1.4 is a field data logger for wireless data exchange with Sensor DSM 40/60/100 and other wireless sensors of AFS AGRO FLOW SYSTEM GmbH. Concentrator DLC 1.4 uses LoRa technology and transmits the received data (measurements of volumetric water content in the soil, air temperature and humidity) via the built-in GSM modem to the web platform of AFS AGRO FLOW SYSTEM GmbH.

Up to 100 wireless sensors DSM 40/60/100 can be connected to the concentrator. Thanks to the developed algorithms, adding sensors to the network and working with them occurs automatically, and all the necessary settings of DLC 1.4 are done either automatically.

The power system of the DLC 1.4 consists of power block with the ability to connect an external battery for backup power and built-in controller for changing the battery from the solar panel.

All received data are available for viewing and analyzing in Personal AFS Account.

Device dimensions (WxHxD)* 150х210х55 mm | 6x8x2"
Number of connected sensors Up to 100 sensors
Data storage Up to 30 days with active use without connecting to the Internet (depends on quantity of sensors)
Operating Temperature From -15˚С to + 45˚С | From 5˚F to 113˚F
Wireless data transfer LoRa Technology
GSM Quad-Band 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
GPS 22 Tracking / 66 acquisition-channel GPS
Receiver L1, C / A Code
IP rating IP 67

*The manufacturer reserves the right to change the design and completion of the device.

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