Digital agriculture

Digital agriculture

  • Published at: 27 Sep 2017

In 2050, the number of inhabitants of the Earth will increase by a third and reach 10 billion people, and the population of Africa will even double. This world population projection was announced by the French Demographic Institute.

As the population grows, the consumption of alimentary products is multiplying. At the same time, negative pressure increases on natural resources, that entails unfavorable consequences in climate change and as a consequence the growth of unusable agricultural lands. 
Considering all these factors, the classical agriculture is already on the start of global changes in the cultivating approaches and farming.

Now global automation of agricultural processes takes place, due to the creation of a digital model of the entire production cycle. Applying digital technologies and sensor systems, the model will allow with reasonable accuracy to plan work schedules, to take emergency measures to prevent losses in case of the fixed threat, calculate the possible crop yield, cost of production and profit.

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