Soil analysis

Success of farming depends on systems approach, daily management and rapid decision-making. «Agro Flow System» offers to use the new techniques and technologies to improve yields, increase crop quality and increase in income from each hectare of land.

Using sensors and data logger provides an analysis of the environment in key physical parameters. The collected data help to monitor the development of plants, soil condition, harvest, weather conditions.
Analysis of soil - foundation for solving problems related to:

  • deficit of soil nutrients
  • the deterioration of the efficiency of fertilizers
  • soil erosion
  • salinity of the soil
  • soil condition
  • deterioration of drainage

The «Agro Flow System» helps producers identify problem areas of the field and coordinate local actions, optimize zonal fertilization or pesticides, which will reduce production costs, leveling the field and increasing yields. An efficient system helps farmers save time, improve product quality and reduce negative environmental impacts.

Complex of collected data analysis in digital format
«Agro Flow Systems» offers a comprehensive analysis of the collected data in digital format with the help of state-of-the-art measuring instruments for soil parameters. After research, the data is processed by the user's personal account.

The personal account will help You:

  • to review your field settings and maps
  • to save the measuring history of the seasons/ loggers
  • to compare maps before and after conducting research
  • to сalculate efficiency of measurings

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